Draeger Acetic Acid 5/a 6722101 Gas Tube

Draeger Acetic Acid 5/a 6722101 Gas Tube

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Draeger Acetic Acid 5/a 6722101 Gas Tube

Draeger Tubes used in testing for Acetic Acid 5/a Draeger Part # 6722101 Measuring Range: 5 – 80 ppm (10 Tests per Box)

Gas Detection Draeger Acetic Acid (C2H4O2) Tubes
Measuring Range: 5 – 80 ppm
Standard Deviation: +/- 15-20%
Color Change: Blue-violet to yellow
Number of Strokes : 3
Time for Measurement: Approximately 30 seconds
Part Number: 6722101

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Draeger Tubes utilized in today’s work give quantitative results with a high degree of accuracy, repeatability and selectivity. The written scale permits technicians to simply read the direct reading of the concentration. calibration by the user isn’t necessary. The length-of-stain discoloration doesn’t correspond to the concentration as an instantaneous measure however may be a measure of the mass reaction of the air contamination.

Draeger Tube use is created in keeping with the various areas of application testing:

  • Air investigation within the work
  • Measurements within the vary of the activity exposure limits
  • Technical gas analysis
  • Emission concentrations
  • compressed gas for device and compressed gases

Draeger tubes area unit designed for on-site measurements at a selected location over a comparatively short period of time. Draeger Tube measurements could last from ten seconds to fifteen minutes some reckoning on the actual Draeger Tube and Draeger Tube sampling pump. Some applications for short tubes area unit the analysis of concentration fluctuations within the work, the measurement of contaminants within the workers’ respiratory zone, the investigation of confined areas (e. g. grain silos, chemical tanks, sewers) before entry and to see for gas leaks in method pipelines.


The Draeger Tube measurement system consists of a Draeger-Tube and a Draeger gas detector tube pump. every Draeger-Tube contains a awfully sensitive chemical agent system that produces correct readings once the technical characteristic of the gas detector pump exactly match the reaction of the chemical agent system within the tube. The Draeger Tube Pump delivers the right volume and should additionally pull the sample through the Draeger Tube at the correct rate. Basically, the pump and tube kind a sampling unit. To interchange the pumps and tubes of varied makers will cause inaccurate results.


The analysis of the indication on the Draeger Tube is another vital issue to be taken into thought. the subsequent area unit pointers for decoding the indication:

  • Closely observe the tube throughout the measurement.
  • Assess the indication right away following the measurement in keeping with the instructions to be used
  • Use sufficient lighting
  •  A lighter background
  • Compare with an unused tube


Observing the tube throughout the measurement is especially vital to create positive that an entire discoloration of the tube has not happened while not being realized. this whole discoloration will typically occur short with high concentrations even throughout the course of the primary stroke. A comfortable lighting supply is critical. Direct daylight ought to be avoided as a result of the UV-radiation of the sun could cause a modification within the discoloration. Since such a modification will typically occur even once a extended amount of your time. The reading of the tube should be done forthwith following the continuously. Please transfer our guideline sheet for additional data.